ASAB IMPEX Spice Production

Spice Production

The spice processing of raw materials, as well as the packaging and shipping are done through the in-house production facilities.

All raw materials are subject to the strictest controls and are sourced directly from hand-picked farmers and wholesalers. This way we can ensure that our customers can benefit from a spice production devoid of any additives and adulteration. A transparent process guarantees our customers the origin and certification of the products.

ASAB IMPEX LLP is officially registered and certified by the Indian Food Safety and Food Standards Authority (FSSAI) and the Spices Board of India‘s Regulatory and Export Promotion Agency.

Clothing Production

Only high quality fabrics are used for the manufacture and processing of our clothing products.

All products are subject to the strictest quality controls and are sourced directly from handpicked manufacturer. Corresponding internal processes ensure the required high product quality.

ASAB IMPEX Clothing Production